Who we are

As professional in our favorite dear sector, we facilitate between employers – clients and employees.  All of our domestic workers feel safe knowing that he handle all files, bureaucracy and applications for work.

Zawya Link Ltd is waiting to serve you with great joy. Whether you’re an a employer or a domestic worker seeking employment, we promise that we will do all the best to all of you that will trust us and you will be our next happy client.

Our Working hours are:

Mon-Friday 8:00 – 19:00

Call us at 7000 2698 or email us at

Zawya Link Ltd has served many clients in Cyprus so therefore do not hesitate to contact us.  If you are a Domestic Worker from Philippines, Sri-Lanka or Nepal and you are searching for work in Cyprus please call us at:+35799224005 or +35799222117

Principles of Our Work



Our Quality is ensured by the dedication of our agency to create a professional working environment live, dynamic and constantly evolving in order to attract the best partners from Philippines, Sri-Lanka and Nepal.


Fast Response

Through our professional network abroad and the proper use of technology, our consultants come in contact with numerous candidates daily in order to be able to rapidly respond to any client company request.


Proven Results

At the core of the philosophy of the Zawya Link Agency is the understanding of customer needs , which is achieved by the systematic , face to face communication and always proposed the best possible solution.


We Are Specializing

The Zawya Link Agency specializes in providing human resources services for Domestic Workers, having developed integrated methodologies to meet each type of job, regardless of specialty or ethnicity.